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Financial Planning for Women

photo courtesy of Sarah Joy Fields

Financial planning for women is different than it is for men.

We're more likely to take a break from the work force to care for children or other family members. As recently as 2018, we still made $.85 on the dollar compared to men. Many of us come from family backgrounds where we’re supposed to leave money management to the men in our life. Putting it simply, we’ve got some catching up to do!

The truth is, we’re perfectly capable of making and managing money well. We don’t need someone talking down to us, or over our head. We need someone who can listen to our personal goals, our individual concerns, who will take the time to answer our questions. We need someone who gets us, who won’t tell us what we’re “supposed” to do with our money, but can educate us on how to do what we want to do with our money.

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